The Black Daggers

The Fall of E’mani Karos & the Rise of the Black Daggers

Here on Terminus, the currents of fate are swift and change without warning. Such was the case of a prized and fast-rising Thronefastian officer named E’mani Karos, who stood at the forefront of the empire’s thrust to expand beyond the continent of Kingsreach. Ascending from the poorest class of the city, Karos became a champion of the faceless and misfortuned. In the War Room and on the field of battle, his instincts, charisma and poise were the envy of Nobles and Regulars alike. Yet a treacherous mystery befell this hero of street children and career soldiers, and in one infamous night Karos was caught in the act of treason and fled like a common thief. Or perhaps he was innocent of all charges, betrayed by a jealous rival and hunted down like a rabid animal. The tale, like fate, has changed swiftly over the last fifteen years.

What is clear is that the fallen, favored son of Thronefast escaped that night and rebelled against his parent city before the first light of dawn. With the ferocity and suddenness of an ocean storm, Karos’ heralded talents turned against the crown he’d risked his life to protect. Under the banner of Black Daggers, Karos recruited a guerilla force of expert criminals and military refugees from across the globe. Growing in numbers and influence, the Daggers occupied an abandoned fortress deep within the recesses of Avendyr’s Pass, from which Karos and his cohort have orchestrated a decade-long campaign of calculated hostility against the throne. It is inside those walls of the Keep Leon that the secrets of the most wanted man in Thronefast still burn, like the heart of a youth torn from the embrace of the woman he loves. To this day, the true goal of Karos and the Daggers is fitted with a mask just as mysterious as the night he fell from grace.