Brad Mcquaid har gått bort

20 november, 2019 Pantheon Sverige 0

Med stor sorg se Brad McQuaid gå bort, hoppas hans dröm och arbete kommer skina upp Pantheon: Rise of the fallen  

October Newsletter

5 november, 2019 Pantheon Sverige 0

Our monthly newsletter has been a timely source of information and community interaction over these past few years. While we’ve added new features and tinkered with our formatting, our presentation has largely gone unchanged. We cherish our community and your consistent support, especially over these past few months as the team has worked toward Project […]

Juli Nyhetsbrev

26 juli, 2019 Pantheon Sverige 0

Working on a project as time-consuming and encompassing as Project Faerthale has been a unique challenge that has strengthened our resolve and honed our skills, and we are grateful to all of you for pushing us to be our best. The real payoff for our team will be when we get to fully reveal all […]

Juni Nyhetsbrev

26 juli, 2019 Pantheon Sverige 0

If you’ve been following Pantheon with even a slight amount of interest, you have undoubtedly heard us talk of Project Faerthale. It has been the main point of emphasis for our entire team, and the progress we have made is incredible. This month Ben Dean gives us a milestone update about the project, keeps us […]

Maj nyhetsbrev

15 maj, 2019 Pantheon Sverige 0

Few things energize our team more than community feedback and enthusiasm, which we have received in spades in the days and weeks following our most recent stream with CohhCarnage. One of the more common refrains we heard during that time was a question about bringing back pledge levels with installment options, so we reinstated that […]

Februari nyhetsbrev

20 februari, 2019 Pantheon Sverige 0

It’s easy to feel jilted in February because it’s both the shortest month and has Valentine’s Day’s ubiquitous reminders. But have no fear friends — we here at Pantheon won’t let you down. We knew we had to ramp up our efforts this month to help keep hearts and minds aglow. And so we came […]