October nyhetsbrev


The harvest moon hangs bright in the October sky and we are fully invested in the fall season here at Visionary Realms. From pumpkin flavored everything to awesome costumes for the month end celebration, we are all in. We are also all in on our commitment to Pantheon and more importantly, to our community. We are pushing hard to prepare Pre-Alpha 4 and the excitement is palpable as we make the finishing touches on the build that will introduce Faerthale to our play testers.

Due to recent funding goals being met we are expanding the team once again, do you have the skills, passion and drive to make the next great MMORPG? Click on the links below to apply:

  • Technical Art Assistant and Asset Manager
  • Lead Character Animator
  • Environment Artist
  • Concept Artist

Even if you can’t join the team directly, you can be a valuable member of the team by supporting Pantheon – we are still partially a crowdfunded game and rely on your contributions to keep growing our team and expediting development. If you would like to explore our various pledge levels and the rewards they offer, please visit the Pledge section of our website. If you are already one of our current supporters, you can also help by continuing to get the word out about Pantheon – share our Website, Facebook and Twitter accounts and continue to get the word out.

To celebrate the turning of the leaves and the approaching spooktacular celebrations we are unveiling our newest Rogue’s Gallery with our favorite involuntary shapeshifters – the Lycandrell, Werewolves, and Nightwolves. Next we separate the wheat from the chaff with our Harvesting Q&A with the always insightful Corey LeFever. October’s iteration of Under Wraps digs deep into how game development evolves and how the team works diligently on piecing it all together in the lab. We tie it all up with our latest Community Member Spotlight – Maddoguk.

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