October Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter has been a timely source of information and community interaction over these past few years. While we’ve added new features and tinkered with our formatting, our presentation has largely gone unchanged.

We cherish our community and your consistent support, especially over these past few months as the team has worked toward Project Faerthale.

This month we stepped up our efforts to bring you more content, delivered in a more dynamic format – our future newsletters will all include video format together with written segments, to highlight and fully realize our monthly features.


October’s video newsletter is hosted by Game Producer Benjamin “Machail” Dean and Senior Content Creator David “Roenick” Schlow.


Our first video feature, by Creative Director Chris “Joppa” Perkins, is the two-part Racial Passives in Pantheon. With so much to unpack, you’ll want to watch it over and over.


The long Racial Passives segments are joyfully interrupted by the fascinating Spriggan, who take center stage as Lead Writer and loremaster extraordinaire JN Gerhart makes his video debut in this month’s Behind the Design.


Joppa returns with Racial Passives Part II, and then does a quick costume change for his next feature, an all new Burning Questions. He dives deep into the community’s questions and discussions on our forums – don’t miss it!


In addition to video content, we also have a Producer’s Letter from Ben Dean, delving into the process behind changes and some fresh fun links as well.

As always, we finish up with our beloved, long-running feature, the Community Spotlight. October finds us catching up with Yaladin, a soon-to-be Elven Wizard who is eager to explore Terminus and plunder its promise of phat caster loot!

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