November nyhetsbrev


Making video games is not a task for the faint of heart. It’s a cutthroat business that has traditionally left large segments of the development community looking over their shoulders and keeping an eye open for their next opportunity. Visionary Realms is not only creating a game that is community based and community focused, but we are also creating a company in that same vein – focused on building a long term home with a common goal. There have been several high profile shake ups in the gaming world recently and, thanks to your help, we hope to bring some of those affected into our fold. Many of you have already pledged to the game and without you, we wouldn’t be here today, but for those looking for a way to help – or those who have in the past asked what else they can do to show support – we have a new pledge drive active to help us raise additional funds to help grow the team. Now, these aren’t your normal game pledges with a litany of rewards, testing access and forum access, but a special earmarked pledge that will help increase the speed with which we can bring Pantheon to release. As always, we deeply appreciate your support and enthusiasm, you are truly the greatest community in gaming. In the spirit of Thanksgiving here in the States and Canada, every single one of us at Visionary Realms is deeply thankful for each one of you.

November’s Newsletter is packed with content that is sure to interest every segment of our community. Under Wraps serves up a hearty feast of information about Pre-Alpha 4, our newest team member, plans to expand the team further and even a special sneak peek that will leave you as full as a second helping of stuffing. Those that love game design are in for a treat as Chris ‘Joppa’ Perkins dishes up an inside look at the inspiration for the perception system in our newest feature – Behind the Design. The main course of this month’s newsletter is an incredible tale from Justin Gerhart that highlights the lore of Pantheon and will leave you salivating at the chance to take a bite of Faerthale. We wrap it up the with perfect desert, and our longest running feature, this month’s Community Spotlight: Deadshade.

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