Juni Nyhetsbrev

If you’ve been following Pantheon with even a slight amount of interest, you have undoubtedly heard us talk of Project Faerthale. It has been the main point of emphasis for our entire team, and the progress we have made is incredible. This month Ben Dean gives us a milestone update about the project, keeps us abreast of E3 happenings, and drops some exciting news about pledge upgrades in the latest iteration of Underwraps. In keeping with the Faerthale theme, our Lead Writer and resident Loremaster, J.N. Gerhart, has penned a masterful primer on the zone that gives both historical context and a virtual roadmap to these sprawling Elven lands.

The Ember Elf, Thaeolyn Greyborne, is the subject of our next feature, as we do a deep dive into the life and times of one of the signature characters in Pantheon and a leader among the inhabitants of Faerthale.

We switch gears slightly for our next article as we send David “Roenick” Schlow out to interview one of the newer members of our team, Tyler Stokes. Tyler joined us as a QA tester and has quickly endeared himself to the team by becoming the prime antagonist of Mr. Schlow. Suffice to say, we may have forgotten to clear this interview with the H.R. department, but they both survived, so all is well.

Our final feature, our most important feature, and our longest continuous feature, is our Community Spotlight. We don’t make this point lightly; our community is the single most important aspect of this game and something we will never take for granted. This month we are introduced to Minus, who looks forward to sneaking about in the mists of Terminus as a wiley rogue. Did you know that we’ve fired up our Instagram account as another way to interact and give back to the community? Make sure to give us a follow for a first look at some fantastic and exclusive images from the world of Pantheon.