Juli Nyhetsbrev

Working on a project as time-consuming and encompassing as Project Faerthale has been a unique challenge that has strengthened our resolve and honed our skills, and we are grateful to all of you for pushing us to be our best. The real payoff for our team will be when we get to fully reveal all that we have been working on to the community at large and welcome our backers to begin testing it in earnest. But this month’s newsletter is in no small part a precursor to that unveiling.

Game Producer Ben Dean is back with an all new Underwraps, which celebrates its one year anniversary as a feature. Underwraps has been a fantastic vehicle for the producers to communicate with our community, and this month is no exception. We go in-depth this month with a look at the work that went into creating the Oldwood section of Faerthale, complete with everything from concept art to a look at the tools we used to bring it to life. Our VFX artist, Fernando Flores, is up next to discuss some of the cool new animations he’s been working on recently, and he was kind enough to create a video to show them off as well. We began introducing our Signature Characters last month, and this month we bring you another important NPC in the world of Terminus: Bel-Iris. Bel-Iris is an enigmatic pillar of the Archai, and her story gives greater understanding to that of all her people. We wrap things up as we always do, with our cornerstone feature, the Community Spotlight. This month we meet BigDogChris, who primarily likes to play human characters and keeps his prospective in-game names close to the vest.