Februari nyhetsbrev

It’s easy to feel jilted in February because it’s both the shortest month and has Valentine’s Day’s ubiquitous reminders. But have no fear friends — we here at Pantheon won’t let you down. We knew we had to ramp up our efforts this month to help keep hearts and minds aglow. And so we came through like a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates, unleashing three of our most prominent Pantheon team members: Creative Director Chris “Joppa” Perkins, Producer Ben Dean, and Executive Producer Brad McQuaid.

In Behind the Design, Joppa focuses on our Atmosphere system and its accompanying Artifact system. Ben unveils more video game development secrets in Under Wraps. And the man, the myth, the legend, Brad McQuaid, joins us for an in-depth interview that touches upon nearly every facet of Pantheon. As always, we finish with our most important feature, Community Spotlight. This month we get to know Dorotea, who loves maximizing her gaming experience by exploring every class.