December nyhetsbrev

Ursäktar igen, men nyhetsbrevet kommer på engelska igen

As we reflect on the end of the year and engage in the holiday spirit, we here at Visionary Realms count ourselves as very fortunate. While it would be easy to be green with envy over the big studios with seemingly unlimited budgets, we know that we have been given a rare and amazing gift – the ability to craft our game as we see fit, to adhere to our vision, to resist compromise and to press ahead in creating the challenging, community based world that is lacking in today’s market. We’ve been given this gift by you, our amazing supporters, and we are truly honored and appreciative of it, and we know how precious it truly is.

With your help in our latest pledge drive we were able to further expand our team, you can read more about that in our first feature this month as Game Producer Ben Dean is back with lots of important information and updates in Under Wraps. Our game testers have been exploring the Elven land of Faerthale in our latest Pre-Alpha session, and sticking with that theme Rogue’s Gallery returns this month with a look at the Spriggan, an ancient race of sentient treefolk whose roots can be traced all the way back to the creation of Terminus itself. It can never be stated enough how much community means to Pantheon, and to that end our next two features this month revolve around our supporters. First, Roenick sits down with several members of our awesome Pre-Alpha test crew this month for a Q&A about their experiences with the game so far and then we wrap it all up with our latest Community Spotlight, an Enchanter known as Janus.

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