Where relaxation meets constant self-improvement through MMORPG's. With nearly two decades of gaming experience and a degree in Psychology, Bazgrim provides insight into what makes games fun, how to excel in them, and more importantly, how lessons learned while gaming can be applied to real life. He brings this unique perspective to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, a high fantasy, challenging, and group-oriented MMORPG by Visionary Realms. Bazgrim has been following the game intensely since early 2016 and in October 2017, became the first fan to ever play the game. And now, on BazgrimTV, he shares his extensive knowledge of the game with you!This channel is where you can find highlights of past BazgrimTV Twitch livestreams along with other YouTube-only bonus content, including exclusive developer interviews, vlogs, and more!
The Baz Flash ep. 01 - January 2019 Pantheon Newsletter
Published at 2019, January 17
The Baz Flash covers the hottest Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen news in 60 seconds or less so that you
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