Running EverQuest on VMWare

It is against the EQ Terms of Service and if you get caught using it they WILL 100% ban your account, so only use this if you know what you are doing and ready that you will loss your account if they found out

VMWare is the way to go, i recommend version 15 and Windows 10, win 10 can be download for free at microsoft here –
How to run VMWare

Serial Key for VMWare 15:

1.When you have downloaded it, either copy or install EverQuest on your virtual machine.
2. Quit/shutdown your virtual machine
3. In the VMWare workstation window, click Edit virtual machine
4. Click on Network adapter
5. Pick Custom: Specific virtual Network
6. In this dropdown pick VMNet8(NAT)
7. Then click Advanced
8. in the MAC Adress tab insert a mac adress, because if you generate or use the one there it will say VMWare Inc (you can check the mac adress here what daybreak will see it as )
13. Use one of these MAC Adresses the are Intel Wifi mac adresses
  • 00:17:35:F0:CE:4B
  • 00:17:35:F4:C5:6B
  • 00:17:35:DF:1C:C3
  • 00:17:35:CD:50:6A
  • 00:17:35:7C:54:1E
  • 00:17:35:B5:75:CD
  • 00:17:35:74:72:BB
  • 00:17:35:91:D5:C9
  • 00:17:35:25:A2:F4
  • 00:17:35:B9:6A:A7
  • 00:17:35:00:1B:BC
  • 00:17:35:99:28:ED
  • 00:17:35:51:E0:B7
  • 00:17:35:11:1A:AF
  • 00:17:35:BD:4F:EB
  • 00:17:35:F3:78:FA
  • 00:17:35:B2:CE:81
  • 00:17:35:F5:4C:32
  • 00:17:35:14:8D:5E
  • 00:17:35:C3:4F:56
  • 00:04:0F:ED:CE:23
  • 00:04:0F:D5:E3:DA
  • 00:04:0F:43:30:6D
  • 00:04:0F:2B:89:C7
  • 00:04:0F:FD:67:C8
  • 00:04:0F:95:E5:51
  • 00:04:0F:2A:1D:62
  • 00:04:0F:FD:63:E9
  • 00:04:0F:E4:C1:51
  • 00:04:0F:AA:B5:84
  • 00:04:0F:59:C1:E2
  • 00:04:0F:5C:21:AB
  • 00:04:0F:86:9B:8F
  • 00:04:0F:FC:31:CD
  • 00:04:0F:62:EB:45
  • 00:04:0F:F9:74:94
  • 00:04:0F:C7:4B:EB
  • 00:04:0F:B4:DA:78
  • 00:04:0F:24:2E:F0
  • 00:04:0F:37:AA:22
  • 00:E0:4C:C5:0D:02
  • 00:E0:4C:AB:AA:20
  • 00:E0:4C:BC:F9:16
  • 00:E0:4C:49:3B:0C
  • 00:E0:4C:FC:7F:1E
  • 00:E0:4C:2C:21:53
  • 00:E0:4C:15:EF:06
  • 00:E0:4C:02:7E:CB
  • 00:E0:4C:EB:A0:E3
  • 00:E0:4C:E4:41:39
  • 00:E0:4C:06:CC:9A
  • 00:E0:4C:FB:67:3B
  • 00:E0:4C:26:F7:03
  • 00:E0:4C:80:45:77
  • 00:E0:4C:F7:55:41
  • 00:E0:4C:F2:6C:0C
  • 00:E0:4C:0F:51:11
  • 00:E0:4C:6A:DE:04
  • 00:E0:4C:FA:23:99
  • 00:E0:4C:41:EC:E1

These steps below, should be done when EQ have been patched and VMTools is installed, because restrict will restrict installation of everything

IMPORTEN to check and see so VMTools is installed and update so you can run 3D graphic

Click on Edit virtual machine settings -> Display
Check so it looks like this
9. When that is done, go into the folder where you made your virtual machine, if you dident pick another place standard is ( Documents > Virtual Machines > Name of your new virtual machine)
10. Open your configuration file with notepad (name you gave the virtual machine)
11. Add this line in the end: monitor_control.restrict_backdoor = “true”
12. Save and exit out of the file
13. Start your Virtual machine and login to your EQ account

Extra not needed

Also if you want to remove anoying bloatware and block windows update i recommend this, it will make EQ run smoother in VMWare
Start by turning Windows Update Delivery Optimization to off. Reason you wanna turn it off, is because the tool make it so your computer will be a peer 2 peer for other computers and send them windows updates. –
Select Start > Settings > Update & security > Advanced options > Delivery Optimization.
Turn off the toggle under Allow downloads from other PCs.
Turn off network sharing for Delivery Optimization
2. This is not needed and only if you wanna block Windows 10 updates, good for VMWare machines, download Windows Update Blocker – get it here
Run it as a administrator and turn the settings like this
windos update blocker blocked
3. Download Debloat Windows 10, this one remove and unistall all windows pre-installed useless stuff like the games Candy Crush etc.. there is alos a video with a guide how to do it all –


1. Use MINI 4GB for ram and also use 2GB for graphic , to make it run smooth and good
2. I use barrier for 1 of my laptops and also for my VMWare machine (i drag my mouse up) and dont have to click on things and fast access to use hotkeys only need 1 keyboard and 1 mouse for everythingBarrier can be downloaded here – use version 2.0.0, since the others have alot of problems
3. I also recommend to use the remove bloatware, since it removes alot of useless shit on Windows 10, i even have this installed on my main PC to get things that is so useless away
Have any questions, feel free to ask me on Discord or here